The Woolton Society


The area covered by the Society

The area covered by the Society is the area bounded by Menlove Avenue, Beaconsfield Road, Woolton Hill Road, Acrefield Road, Holly Tree Road, Halewood Road, Mackets Lane, Hillfoot Avenue, Speke Road and Hillfoot Road WS area of interest.pdf. Part of this area is covered by the Woolton Conservation area, you can download a detailed Map of the Conservation Area. The area includes Woolton Hall, one of Liverpool's Grade 1 listed buildings, the preservation of which was the reason the Society was originally founded.

Current issues

The major issue concerning the Society currently is the continuing deterioration of Woolton Hall, our only Grade 1 listed building.  Whilst the owners are carrying out "reactive maintenance", the overall deterioration of the building continues without proactive maintanance.  We are also concerned with the security of the building, and its vulnerability to break-in and vandalism.  A meeting has been held with all three local councillors who all share our concerns and are pressing for action.

Another concern is that of the redevelopment of the former St Gabriel’s Convent, Knolle Park. This property has been allowed to deteriorate and has been subject to two serious fires. Concerns have been raised with the council and an enforcement notice has been served on the owners due to the damage caused to the interior and exterior of the listed building.

You can view or comment on Liverpool planning applications on the Council web site.  Please be aware that the planning website does not function properly.  This has been reported to the council frequently over a long period, and despite many promises, remains unfixed.

Images of Woolton

We have a small collection of photographs of Woolton here