The main aims of the Woolton Society are:

  • To stimulate public interest in Woolton.
  • To promote high standards of planning and architecture in Woolton.
  • To secure the preservation, conservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic or public interest in Wool ton.
  • What the Society does:

    The Woolton Society's activities include:

    • Maintaining an awareness of planning applications and City Council proposals affecting the Woolton area.

    • Making formal comments on significant applications and proposals to Local Authority departments and Councillors.

    • Issuing a regular Newsletter to all Members.

    • Holding periodic talks, open to non-members, with speakers on topics of local and general interest.

    • Encouraging research and documentation of local history.


    The Woolton Society would like to gratefully acknowledge the support it receives from the following organisations

    • Our accountants HBD Accountancy Services LLP
    • The Village Club for hosting talks
    • The Elephant Hotel for providing rooms for Committee meetings
    • Riverside Screen Prints for storing the Gnosspelius archive